7th Annual Golf Tournament Sponsorship Information

October 3rd, 2020

THANK YOU for your interest in becoming a Sponsor for the ROCK Camp & Outreach Center's 7th Annual Golf Tournament!

The ROCK Camp & Outreach Center exists to bring families and communities together in a fun, unplugged recreational environment to Refresh, Regroup, and Reconnect with Christ and each other.

The Vision for our camp is to help families and individuals: To Find Christ, Grow in Christ, and Stay in Christ. This vision will be poured into a year-round facility that will host a full schedule of Family Camps, Youth Camps, Marriage Retreats, Redemption Retreats, Sporting programs, and more! The camps and retreats will feature both locally and nationally known speakers.  Churches can use the space for their youth groups to play basketball, volleyball, outdoor soccer, and more!

Please fill out the form to become a sponsor!